Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SOL #7: One of the Good ol' Days

Like many 17 year-olds I did not realize how many good things were around me. I write this poem capturing my experience as a 17 year-old on this significant day. I have since realized all of the good things about my experience growing up even though I felt so alien in a place called home.

I look around the room -
To see the faces too familiar
The impending freedom from them is intoxicating
The intimate strangers and I gather in a line.

We march in like I've seen so many do before
Some people were sad, I couldn't relate
None of you really know about me
But, someday I will be truly known.

There is a silent anticipation
None of us know what the future holds
I know whatever is coming
Will be better than the last 13 years.

The man at the podium and I want to just get this over with
March them through, give them their certificates
Is it wrong to want to grab mine and run?
Aren't I supposed to feel something besides this new liberation?

We go across the stage one by one
We file out as the cameras click
The weight of the years of pretending melts away
I know I won't have to hide much longer.

As I leave the field, hopes stir inside
I feel the warm presence of new friends still unknown
I anticipate the life experiences that could never happen here
I move toward a kaleidoscope and away from blank paper.


  1. You have captured the voice and emotions of a 17 year old. I enjoyed your poem. The weight of the years pretending melt away - powerful line.

  2. I remember wanting to grab it and run - I love the last line.

  3. I love that last line! So beautiful and exciting to think of moving toward the kaleidoscope. I'm a big fan of the blank page, but what would I do with it if I did live in the kaleidoscope?

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  5. Wow, I'm speechless. What a tearful look into your 17 year old mind.... thanks for sharing

  6. Rob,
    I love the line, "I feel the warm presence of friends unknown." Isn't it so true. It's strange to think back to the people who were missing from my life at that time. I just couldn't imagine living without them today.


  7. It's such a testament to who you are that you felt hopeful and optimistic about the world in spite of hiding for so long. Love you friend!