Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SOL #13: 10 Things that Happen at the End of the Quarter

It's that time of year - the end of third quarter. Students come out of the woodwork hoping to rescue their grades at the last moment. I always think of the sign that says, "A lack of planning on your part does not result in an emergency for me."

1)   "What can I do to raise my grade?"
2) Students try to learn everything from the whole quarter in two days.
3) "What am I missing?" while I remind them that you cannot make up assignments from January or February.
4) An overabundance of people come to tutoring and there is frustration because I can't get around to everyone.
5) "Why did I get a low grade on my notebook check from February 1?" As I remind them they could have asked that after February 1.
5) I drink more coffee.
6) The pile of random assignments gets bigger as I avoid the frustrating experience of grading different kinds of assignments.
7) A stressed student pulls the fire alarm.
8) Grades go up - that part is pretty rewarding.
9) The students and I talk about what they could have done from the beginning of the quarter to prevent a lot grade.
10) There is always a handful of students who are quite grateful that we worked together so that they wouldn't get grounded.


  1. You make me glad I teach first grade. I do not miss the stress of being a young student trying to balance life and learning. Nor do I wish to take on the stress of being a high school teacher. I'll just put on my comfy shoes in the morning and look forward to the enthusiasm of my young learners.

  2. What, it's not okay to wait until the last day to do stuff? :) Love this list -- puts me right back in high school!

  3. Thank god for the last point, right?

  4. You do great work - those kids are so fortunate to have you. I love how you at least talk to them instead of just telling them no. Go drink some more coffee from that cool coffee maker!

  5. The last point cracked me up. Random assignments to grade - ugh. Glad you are willing to help your students be successful. I am slowly making my way around the different blogs in the SOLC. It's Tuesday, the regular day for SOL. Maybe you will be willing to post again? Make it a weekly tradition? I hope so.
    MH at Booksavors.wordpress.com