Sunday, March 11, 2012

SOL #11: Out of my Comfort Zone

Yesterday, I attended a workshop where I was able to catch a glimpse and give feedback to presenters for a Common Core Workshop. I realized that I have so much to learn.

I didn't even realize that there were content standards on top of the practice standards. How was I going to able to give feedback to folks who knew so much?

I was grateful to my friend who was patient with me when I confused additive reasoning with proportional reasoning. These standards challenge me and I have a lot to learn!

I watched the presentations and soaked it in. I learned a lot. I found out more. There is a group of teachers out there who sacrifice a great deal of time to help us understand how to improve our teaching. And they all had full time teaching jobs to boot.

They give up a lot of Saturdays to teach, learn, and create. Everything they do sounds so interesting and I want to get involved. But, I hesitate. I can't even keep up with this daily blog.

I can't help but judge myself a little. I learned a long time ago that I can easily get in over my head with my involvement in my career. I fear turning 55 and wishing I had enjoyed life more. So, I try to set boundaries my work time for self care.I have never mastered the art of surrendering to my life. Surrendering to work that could be so fulfilling. Instead I enjoy quiet and friends and recharging before another week with my students. I fear if I pull myself here, there and everywhere, I will not give them what they deserve.


  1. You speak of balance! It is a good thing to keep seeking. I have been teaching of a long time and that sense of balance comes and goes over the years. As I enter my last few years of teaching and I once again looking for the balance - so friend and family are coming to dinner tonight - even though I don't have all my correcting done for Monday. I to am working to keep the balance!

  2. Rob,
    Jeff laughs that I could be done with everything and still have more to do. I guess it's a family curse. I'd like to be more like you and set boundaries. I'm not so good about that. That's why I am up at 10:00 reading and writing posts.


  3. Great insight Rob! Thanks for sharing that - you so have the right idea of balance. Maybe you can talk to your brother... : )