Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SOL #21: My Cool Sister

When you are the youngest child, you experience so many perks. Parents and grandparents spoil you. Your older siblings have tired out your parents, so you have less rules. In all, it is wonderful. The best part of being the youngest is having two great older siblings. Let me tell you about my cool sister.

I often wonder if my sister (during her teenage years) ever dreaded the fact that she had a little immature brother that followed her almost everywhere. If that was the case, she never let it show. She was born to be a first grade teacher before she ever had the dream of shaping young minds.When I was a child, my older sister found a way to make everything fun. 

When I would get bored on long hikes, she would take me on a lion hunt or race me and let me win. When my parents needed a sitter, she would have to bring me along for her weekend dates. Going to the drive in or to an ice cream shop was such a treat for an 8 year old. She would buy me things that I begged for even though she didn't make much money. She would keep me occupied in the car by playing memory games or engaging me in goofy conversation. She kept life interesting with her sarcastic and witty sense of humor.

On a particular occasion, in the fifth grade, I was able to spend the day with my sister at college. She helped me dress so that I would fit into the college crowd by rolling up my sleeves on my jean jacket and fixing the collar on my shirt. She took me to her Math class which was so exciting. The professor showed me how to evaluate square roots which was the first new thing I had learned mathematically in months. Later, she peer edited with a classmate in a writing class. Then, my favorite part was visiting the "Kentaco Hut" which was a Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC all in one. I thought it was hilarious that she called it that. Wow, college must be cool, I thought!

Even to this day my sister provides cheap entertainment generously. Whether we are on a beer run with Dad or bridging the miles apart with a phone conversation, she provides a burst of fun, wisdom and cheer to my life. I admire her for who she is: a terrific mother, a great friend to many, and an amazing teacher (you should read her book).  As a child I would follow her directions more frequently than my own parents and that has not changed as an adult. I value her advice. And one of the things I respect the most is that she rarely (if ever) says anything negative about a particular person.


  1. That is awesome!!! She is truly a gem - I love your memories - I can picture her playing with you. Beautiful slice!

  2. Really, Rob, this just made my night. First of all, you must know, I never dreaded having a younger brother. Never. There's something kind of fun about having a sibling young enough to allow you to do things you are technically too old to do. I got to watch Sesame Street as a teenager! (I just blamed it on you.) You had all the coolest toys. You'd managed to get our grandparents to get out all kinds of tasty treats. Perks work both ways, Lil' Brother.

    I had forgotten about the college visit day, but remembered it quickly as you told the tale. I loved hearing the story from your point of you. I'm pretty sure you learned more in math class than I did that day. ;o) It wouldn't have been a college experience without the fast food to top the experience.

    Looking back, I'm actually quite amazed you survived me. (I'd probably warn you to steer clear of my advice. I don't usually have a clue what I'm talking about.)

    Your kind words meant so much.

    Love ya,
    Your sis