Tuesday, March 6, 2012

SOL # 6: Two Step Lessons

I work with the best department of Math teachers in the world. On Wednesdays a group from our department go to a local bar to participate in two step dancing. They have convinced myself and another co-worker to take two-step lessons so we can join them.

Slide, slide tap, slide tap.

A woman and a man in a cowboy hat show us the basic two-step pattern. We step and I'm pretty good at following a pattern. A man next to me who is new to town is intent on impressing his wife, but struggles with the step. We help him along.

As an urban guy, I feel out of place in the country bar. The men wear hats and boots - one of the dance instructors tells me I should buy boots to be able to "slide" better.

I learn the basic and I learn to lead a woman through a basic turn. We smile and laugh and try hard not to look at our feet.

The lesson is over and the experts take the floor. My co-workers and I don't talk about Common Core standards, failing students, changing curricula, changing administration or school drama. Instead we laugh, share a beer, and try to dance. Tomorrow doesn't seem so bad after all.


  1. Great post Rob! I love how you try not to look at your feet - I do the same thing, that's usually why I trip over them. Thanks for a great reminder to laugh and play.

  2. Very brave of you and your colleagues to step out and dance! And, what a wonderful way to build community with your colleagues. I can relate to your thoughts about spending time with colleagues without talking about all of the struggles that are so much a part of our daily work. We do need to play together when we're working so hard together.

  3. I really enjoyed the last paragraph. Sounds like a cool staff.

  4. I love to two-step!! It's cool that you're going with your dept. :)