Sunday, March 4, 2012

SOL #4: A Case of the Sundays

Each Sunday evening as the responsibilities of the coming week come to mind, I just want to hide under the covers. I feel bummed that the weekend is ending. Here is my list to attempt to provide some comfort for those of us who get a case of the Sundays.

1) You have made it through so many weeks before, why would this week be any different?
2) The next weekend is only five days away.
3) Remember that you did have one fun day at work last week. Try to shoot for two this week! (I actually had 3 last week).
4) You are not alone - anyone who has a job gets a case of the Sundays.
5) Once you get into the routine, all of the fun that you had over the weekend will give you energy to tackle the challenges. 

Here's a list of five things to do to make Monday go so much better.
1) Watch some comedy before bed. I recommend Parks and Recreation or Arrested Development to lift spirits. I also recently discovered the episodes of Big Bang Theory that are available on the network website.
2) Pet your cat or dog.
3) Read something light.
4) Play cards or a game with a friend or your kids.
5) Remember to get the coffee pot ready before you go to bed.

I'd love to hear what you do or say to yourself to help with a case of the Sundays.


  1. Hey, Hilly!

    Fellow slicer here--thanks for the post! I was just starting to feel a little Sunday-ish as I was writing a few minutes ago, so this hit the spot. Myself, I try not to weigh too much in the Shoulda Done list, which is my usual response to the end of the weekend. This particular weekend wasn't as productive as it should have been, but oh well--I get another one in a few days...

  2. Chandra,

    I know what you mean what you say "this particular weekend wasn't as productive as it should have been, but oh well." There is a pile of dishes in the sink and my work remains untouched. But, oh, well, I had a blast!

    Rob (Hilly)

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Sunday evenings...a time for me. A good book, a hot bath, light TV and an early bedtime...all designed to put me in the mood for the coming week! Thanks for sharing your routine! By the way--I am a huge Big Bang Theory fan..have watched from the first episode. Always gives me plenty of laughs!

  4. Rob,
    I needed to read this post right now. I'm sitting here waiting on a load of laundry to finish --- a load that should have been done yesterday. I look forward to my Monday, but wish I would have accomplished a little more over the weekend. I neglected that pile of mail that has been shouting at me, didn't complete John's FAFSA, and have a stack of student writing I wanted to spend time with before Monday. However, it was a relaxing weekend with no obligations. I read blogs, wrote posts, and caught up on some recreational reading. I sipped coffee, sat on the coach watching the snow, and spent a little time Cassie. A much better way to spend the weekend.

    Your sis