Sunday, March 10, 2013

Slice of Life #10: Create a Space

There is a place inside where all creative ideas reside - where my years of education, life experiences and observations interact and exchange thoughts. They want to be shared; they want to be written.

But, there are things to do - too many to fit into an 8 (that becomes 10) hour workday. Then, there are chores to be done at home - errands to be run. Decompression time is essential for the last hour or two before bed. And then, I remember, oh, I forgot to write!

To craft writing, I have to create a space inside. It's a place where I can listen to the thoughts and ideas as they mingle together like friends at a cocktail party. I am the waiter bringing food and drinks while I eavesdrop on their conversations.

When they all have gone home, I go behind a closed door to frantically record everything I heard. And then I'm left to ask, what needs to be shared?


  1. I love this Rob, especially the comparison to the waiter. I have to say that sounded like something your brother would do....

  2. The theme of time is HUGE in today's posts. Perhaps it is a Day 10 theme! I know that I give up SOME things in order to post more and read more: reading and laundry. I do not give up on other things:dinner with the family and time sharing out day's events. Its' like so much in life - a gentle balancing act. GOod luck finding that closed door!

  3. That is a sweet analogy! Love it. Time and space are indeed hard to find, but this challenge just forces me to create it, pure and simple. This teaches me that there's maybe more time than I think there is...

    The cocktail party will stick in my head for some time. Thanks!

  4. I love this metaphor! It describes perfectly what goes on in my head all day long. This morning I woke w/ a shred of a dream and the line "she laid down two straight lines of responibility." I have NO idea what to do with that! We'll see what the other guests at the party say during the day. Thanks!