Saturday, March 2, 2013

Slice of Life #2: The Salami's in the Cupboard

Lately my mind has been so many places that I've been putting things where they don't belong. Here's a list of random places where I've found lost items.

1) After making my sandwich for work yesterday I placed the salami in the cupboard and put the sandwich bags in the refrigerator.

2) One day my car keys were in my bathroom drawer with the razors and toothpaste.

3)  My cell phone was in the middle of my stack of folded t-shirts or under the stack of mail that I should throw away, but don't.

4) I emptied the cat's food into her water dish and discovered it looking very mushy later.

5) The remote control was on the bathroom counter (I know, awkward).

6) One shoe was found under the bed while the other shoe was found under a pile of clothes in a different room.

7) In my classroom, I would frequently lose my water bottle, projector remote, or pen by leaving it at a student's desk. After a month, my students just bring the items to me when they see me scrambling around to find things.

8) The girl scout cookies were on my bed stand (oh wait, I want them there).

Have you ever found something in a strange place?


  1. Glad to hear someone else does this! I do this kind of stuff on a pretty regular basis, like you, the more places my mind is going, the more weird places other stuff ends up!

  2. Love It! I am working hard to not have things in odd places. I don't what to really act my age. :)

  3. Rob,
    I think it would be nice if you could blame this on a busy mind, but I'm sadly sure it is genetics. This morning I wore my glasses into the shower. I didn't realize they were on my face until the steam kept me from seeing. I'm still looking for a pair of sunglasses I remember laying down and thinking, "This isn't a good place for these."

    Love ya,
    Your sister

  4. That made us all laugh Rob! I'm so forgetful that I have looked for my phone - while talking on it! Genetic? Our poor kids have it from both sides apparently....

  5. I think this is a sign of a great mind, there are too many important thoughts to keep track of to worry with the mundane of daily stuff. At least the students can keep you on track in the classroom.
    BTW, I do not think poorly of you from your writing, I think you have great wit. :-)

  6. Rob, this was so funny. I don't think it is just genetics though. I loved when you said that your students are now just bringing things to your dest when they see you scrambling around to find things. I had students do the same thing. Maybe it is because teachers have so many thoughts streaming through their minds that it is difficult to remember small where your car keys are. :-)