Saturday, March 9, 2013

Slice of Life #8: Fool's Gold

When I was teaching high school Psychology, one of the high school counselors introduced me to the True Colors personality test. There are four that represent different aspects of personality. They are blue (people person/pleaser), green (analytical), orange (adventurous/spontaneous), and gold (organized/traditional). One goal of the test for the students in my class was to learn the importance of working with folks who have different natural strengths for positive interdependence. You take a personality assessment and the results identify your strongest colors.

My strongest color is blue and my secondary color is green.

Often, my co-workers who have also taken the test predict that I am strong in gold. Gold is actually my weakest color. In my office there are papers everywhere. I can say, "it looks messy, but I know where everything is," but it isn't true. I can be seen frantically hunting through stacks and stacks of paper to find what I need. My car is an absolute wreck. And if it wasn't for my partner (who is strong in gold), our apartment would be a disaster area. I also am not very traditional. I love change and I often change my situation when I get bored - almost with too much frequency. I imagine to-do lists could be helpful if I could find them after I write them.

People that I know who predict that I am gold are surprised when they hear the truth. I've been asking myself, what do I do or project that gives the appearance that I'm gold? Is it the fact that I dress up to work everyday? Or have I had to work harder at organization because I have no natural skills? Do I hide my messes well?

Even though what others might see is fool's gold, I'm a true blue guy.


  1. It's always interesting to see others' perceptions of us! I always tell my husband that something I am looking for is always "in one of three places!"

  2. I remember giving that test! I am a blue orange and my desk has never had people confuse me for gold. Great questions! Make the product of your work makes you seem organized?

  3. I love this entry. I think you have hit on a very important point. The image we portray to others is sometimes so different from who we really are!! I will have to try the color test.

  4. Interesting. I have taken lots of personality tests over the years, but never this one. I think I'd probably end up blue also, but I often wish I was gold! Or that I at least had a partner to help me appear a little goldish! Sigh…